Wednesday, August 10, 2011

4-H Green Science Adventure Camp: Day 3!

Today at camp, my friend Gustav came to visit! I love spending time with my feathered friend-- he's super nice, and loves to make new friends!

The theme for today was definitely 'animals'. Campers got an up close and personal look at Tollgate's beautiful horse Moe, camera-shy sheep Buddy, and a few feathered friends. In the morning, everyone sat in the grass and watched the farrier (a professional horse hoof trimmer) clean Moe's feet-- and even got to see a clipped horse foot nail up close!

We also spent time in the Garden Kitchen, making Swamp Juice Smoothies (they were neon green, and filled with bananas, orange juice, pineapple juice, and spinach). From all of the empty cups in the trash can, I'm assuming the smoothies were a popular treat with everyone!

Another friend of mine, Mr. Clay, stopped by to educate everyone about honey bees! Decked out in his bee-catcher suit, he showed all of the campers the different aspects of honey bees, and even brought a few of his winged friends (caged, of course) so we could see them up close! Also outside, each Pepper hung out with Activity Leader Miss Melyssa, who taught everyone how to make their own candles out of bee wax. How bee-autiful!

Mr. Clay, the beekeeper, shows Peppers the different aspects of honey bees.

And even brought some of his own to show us!

After making their bee wax candles, Ms. Melyssa plays freeze tag with Lucy, Kamren, and Alana.

The Tollgate Children's Garden is a hot spot for our Peppers!

Natalie shows off her bee wax candle.

Christopher, Eric, Jackson, and Jayden hunt for frogs in the Tollgate Children's Garden.

Kennedy enjoys her Swamp Juice Smoothie!

Green Pepper Party People!

Reese spends some time laying low in the grass.

Mr. Alan shares some details about seeds with Lucy.

Campers patiently wait for Mr. Roy to bring over a horse!

The farrier cleans the horse's feet, while Mr. Roy explains to the Peppers the importance of horse grooming and safety.

While it looks like Sofia is intrigued by the trimmed horse nail, I don't think Reese shares her enthusiasm!

Orange Pepper Counselor Ms. Emily teaches her Peppers how to make duck noises!

After lunch, Pepper groups ventured throughout the Tollgate grounds. Near the horse stable, Peppers learned how to groom Moe (with the help of Mr. Roy and Miss Katie), and watched Buddy hang out with Mr. Alan in the pasture. My friend Gustov, and a few of his chick friends wanted to spend some time in the shade, so groups took to the Tree Swing area to learn about fowls. There were baby chickens and a young goose (Gustav), and campers were able to hold them and feel their soft feathers. There were even egg shells for Peppers to check out, study, and ask questions about!

Above, watch Alana hang out with one of Gustav's chick friend!

In the Garden Kitchen, the scent of lemons took over! Miss Melyssa showed Peppers the power of lemons; using the lemon juice that they hand-squeezed, Peppers put dirty pennies in a cup and watched as the acid from the juice cleaned the tarnished copper. They also made home-made lemonade, but not with the lemon juice used to clean the pennies-- we promise!

Meredith and Lauren watch as their lemon juice cleans a dirty penny!

Eloise, Laura, and Ali make their own lemonade!

Eric takes a quick nap against Ms. Emily-- it was a busy day!

Jayden learns how to properly approach a horse.

Ms. Katie talks about horse care to the Yellow Pepper Group.

Mr. Alan and Jackson hang out with Gustav.

Ella holds on to a baby chicken.

Evan has some sit-down time with Gustav.

Bowen gets curious about the different types of egg shells.

Evan gets ready for an intense game of Capture the Flag!

Michael loves to give me goofy faces!

Buddy the sheep leans in for a good ear rub from some Peppers.

Yellow Pepper Group, with Yellow Pepper Counselor Ms. Alice and Communications Coordinator Ms. Jackie, are all smiles out on the pasture!


Below is the recipe for the Swamp Juice Smoothies! Don't let the name fool you-- they are super tasty!

Swamp Juice Smoothies
2 ripe bananas
1/2 cup orange juice
1/2 pineapple juice
2 cups ice
2 cups spinach leaves

Scraper spatula
1/2 cup and 1 cup measuring cups

Peel and slice the 2 bananas and place it in the blender
Measure 1/2 cup of pineapple juice and pour into blender
Measure 1/2 cup of orange juice and pour into blender
Measure 1 cup of ice and pour into blender
Measure and wash 1 cup of spinach and put into blender
Blend the mix, and enjoy!


I can't believe that it is already Wednesday! This week is flying by. I am definitely going to need a good night's rest-- and so will all of the campers! So Peppers, make sure to rest up tonight, because tomorrow is going to be action packed!

Smell ya later!

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