Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Question from Joshua D.

Nice Question Joshua,

At 4-H Summer of Science Headquarters or (HQ) the thing we love the most is a GREAT QUESTION and this one is a super good one.  

Joshua asked: Why is it when it is hot and muggy, you feel more heavy then when it is cold?

For the answer from Roz Zurko click read more below.

What Is Heavy Air?

The term "heavy air" is used often when discussing hot and humid weather. People say you can "cut the air with a knife," referring to its heaviness. However, the air people often refer to as heavy, isn't really the most moist type.

    • Actually, air weighs the most when it is cold and dry, even though it may not feel that way. Cold air is denser than humid air. Molecules are closer together when the air is cold, making air heavier.

    The measure of weight in the air is called air pressure and it's measured with a barometer. As the air gets heavier, a barometer rises. This indicates that fair weather is here or on its way. When the air feels heavy, the barometer falls, indicating moisture in the air.

    • An example of how heavy air is colder air can be found in most homes. When the air conditioner is running, the area closest to the floor is the coolest. Also, when you open your freezer, you can see the cold air rush out toward the floor.
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