Tuesday, August 9, 2011

4-H Green Science Adventure Camp: Day 2!

I can't believe this weather-- when I woke up at 6 this morning, it was raining and miserable, and now I get to rock out with my Ray-Bans!

Gorgeous weather aside, Tuesday has been even more exciting than Monday! I think everyone is getting settled into their groups, making new friends, and enjoying all of the excitement we have going here at Tollgate Education Center.

This morning started with some quality time in the garden. Campers were able to pick their own vegetables (they found some pretty impressive cucumbers!), and aromatic basil-- they later used those ingredients while making tasty garden-fresh vegetable dip. After picking, everyone learned how to plant new vegetables with Activity Leader Miss Rachel. She sure does know a lot about gardens!

Check out the Red Pepper's camp spirit after their time in the garden above!

Once they were all finished in the garden, campers then went to the Garden Kitchen where Activity Leaders Miss Melyssa and Miss Jill taught everyone how to make yummy vegetable dip. Each Pepper (camper) learned about the different tools in the kitchen and how to safely cut vegetables. And in the end, they munched on a healthy snack before setting off for their next adventure!

In the upper barn, Activity Leaders Miss Nora and Miss Carolyn showed all the Peppers exciting experiments during their What's Up With The Weather? program. This program delves into learning about the 4 elements that create weather conditions while using inquiry and the scientific method. Peppers formed questions and hypotheses about how these elements interact, and then tested those hypotheses through different observations and experiments. But don't worry, we practiced our safety while experimenting and wore safety goggles!

Kamren claims himself King of the Compost Heap.

Lights, camera, action! Justin films his tour of the garden.

Ali, Britain, Laura, Jacob, and Meg are all smiles with Mr. Alan in the veggie garden!

Ali found a cucumber in her hunt in the garden. We later enjoyed it with some fresh green garden veggie dip!

Britain poses with some fresh basil-- yet another find in the garden!

Marissa and Justin had some fun videotaping their exploration in the garden!

Joshua searches for some ripe cucumbers!

Jamie poses with her garden find!

Evan works on his planting skills with Activity Leader Miss Rachel.

Marissa and Lucy prep their seeds for planting!

Tollgate Farm Manager Assistant Norb poses with his latest creation-- it's going to be a 4-H clover made out of horseshoes!

Neel and Activity Leader Miss Melyssa work together to chop vegetables for their fresh green garden dip!

Roman and Jacob are all smiles while at camp!

Aaron and Alana practice safety first during the What's Up With The Weather? program!

Natalie rockin' her safety glasses during Miss Nora's and Miss Carolyn's presentation.

Activity Leader Miss Carolyn takes part in an experiment about air pressure!

After enjoying their lunch break, all Peppers were back into action; groups divided  to different parts of the Tollgate property. Everyone was able to go on a nature hike (where they studied the trees in the forest, and the pipes used to collect sap from the maple trees!), make and enjoy home made carmel corn (with syrup made right from Tollgate's maple trees!), and create funky necklaces with chips from trees!

Not to be outdone by the Red Peppers, the Green Peppers showed me their camp spirit-- love the creativity, guys!

"Hey Green Peppers, show me your goofiest face!"

Jayden found a toad in the field!

Sofia examines the tree leaves in the forest-- their activity included matching leaves to the pictures provided.

Activity Leader Miss Nora takes the Yellow Peppers on a nature hike!

Meredith and Brooklyn study the bark of the trees in the forest.

Watch out, boys-- these girls aren't afraid to get dirty!

Meredith, Sofia, and Reese show off their tree-chip necklaces!

Evan and Bowen work on decorating their tree-chip necklaces.

The Green Peppers had some free time, so why not play with the parachute?!


Below is the recipe for the Green Garden Dip-- it's a great way to make sure everyone is eating their vegetables!

Green Garden Dip
1 small clove of garlic
1 cup chopped parsley
4 chopped scallions
15 basil leaves
3/4 cup buttermilk
1 1/2 cup ricotta cheese
1 teaspoon lemon juice
6 shakes of salt
1 large carrot
1 large cucumber

Cutting board
Cutting knife
Food Processor

Chop garlic, parsley, scallions, and basil and place in food processor
Add buttermilk, ricotta cheese, lemon juice, and salt-- blend for 45 seconds
Serve with carrot and cucumber slices


And that wraps up Tuesday for us! Day 2, complete-- I have a feeling Wednesday is gonna be the best day yet!

Smell ya later!

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